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Work Experience:Offer to do some work experience with a design company who's work you really admire for free if you have to!, even if its just a week then spend that week wowing them, making the tea, producing great work, take an interest in everything relating to that design company. It is a good way to get your foot in the door but also don't be too pushy or cocky, you might think your a great designer but remember there is a big difference between design college and the real world!If the company really like you during your work experience they might offer you a full time job!Finding Work:Send your portfolio as a PDF etc to as many design companies that your interested in as possible, then after a few days give them a quick call to check they have received it. Another alternative and one that worked for me is to approach a design recruitment agency. I contacted Major Players there are many others!when looking for a new graphic design position. They interviewed me and I took them through my portfolio and skills set, based on this they then contacted me when suitable jobs became available. This worked very well as they got me a new job within 2 weeks. Dress code:There isn't one as such. Wear what your comfortable in but also look like you have made some sort of effort!That said I wouldn't recommend turning up in a suit!Remember what you wear can be seen as a reflection of yourself and your design style or preferences. Behaviour:Be yourself, be calm and open to discussing your work and the work of the design agency. Remember to ask questions about what work they produce and what your role would be. One thing I found useful was to ask if someone could take you around the studio, afterall that is where you'll be working if you get the job and you need to see what sort of environment you'll be working in.

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Therefore, a good technique when exploring the use of shadow is to observe the shadows of the real world, see how the light hits several objects at different points and tries to replicate that. Means. As you know, branding is of utmost importance in the marketing realm so even the tiniest details should contribute to this, or at least not play down the company image you have been building up. Imagine your company to be well publicized but sending out professional letters using a not quite comparable letterhead and plain envelopes. That hardly creates a positive impression; especially when letters from other companies, carefully designed and printed, evoke such a reaction. To get in the same league, you can also purchase your very own stationery set from online letterhead and online printing companies.