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A Three Color Palette Is Easy on the EyesWith all of the data that goes into an infographic, make sure that the reader’s eye easily flows down the page; the wrong color palette can be a big barrier to this. Choose a palette that doesn’t attack the senses. And consider doing this before you start designing, because it will help you determine how to visualize the various elements. If picking a color palette is hard for you, stick to the rule of three. Choose three primary colors. Of the three, one should be the background color usually the lightest of the three, and the other two should break up the sections. If you need to add other colors, use shades of the three main colors. This will keep the palette cohesive and calming, rather than jarring. Arranged roughly in chronological order, the book documents how various ‘ideas’ be they technical and stylistic overprinting, psychedelic, inventions comic strips, barcodes or general concepts nostalgia, parody have influenced graphic design over the last hundred years. The criteria for inclusion, according to the authors, is that they are ‘big ideas’ with ‘legs’; that is widespread, recurrent devices and notions, both old and new, that have enhanced graphic design practice and theory over time. Each ‘idea’ gets two pages, comprising a well written overview explaining the idea, its origins, development and usage, references to examples, and two or more illustrations, one usually being full page.



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One lesser known techniques around the sitemap index revolve around creating sections of your static content pages as part of your sitemap index. Examples of this could include:product pagesreview pagescategory pagesSuccess can come from creating asitemap from even your static content in order to improve the crawl effeciency and the number of indexed pages on your site. I think I may have posted some articles submission sites in my ultimate toolguide a little bit ago, but just as the internet and my skills evolve, so does my toolbox. I went through and collected lists of article submit websites and have narrowed my list down the the easiest, fastest and most effective article submission sites I found. There are a ton of these type of stie around, but this list is good enough to get started. travel notes. com travelarticlelibrary travelinghippo ezinearticles geckoe. com isnare. com e articles. net articlesubmissions. net articlebase.

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This is a great technique as these people will not be wanting a dead link on their site and so would be grateful to you for informing them. Don’t buy crappy ones – an experiment by Anand from Shout Me Loud. com shows us that Google will penalize you if it finds your website in vague places around the internet that don’t relate to your website. Google also gets suspicious when you add hundreds of backlinks at one time. This will result in a dramatic drop in traffic, if you do happen to buy them and are penalized for low quality links, you can just discredit these on Google’s Disavow Page Here. It is better to add 5 10 links each week at a maximum, and make sure they are high quality and are from a page with authority that is related to your content.